Once spring to beauty old, flower fall dead two don't know.


With my three life fireworks, for your life blurred.


The past thick and thin, color such as clear, light, years of grief and joy, such as a mirror, has been quiet.


I miss someone, far away in the country.I have feelings, knot in the deep gut.


The green mountain is not as long as your eyebrow, the water is not as clear as your eyes, over the mountains and rivers a few rain, my life only one of you.


Do you not constantly so, quietly, staring at those sunset, homeless sadness.


Where there is a will, there is a way.


A day in the morning is not worth two in the evening.

(9)心似双丝网 中有千千结。

Heart like double wire mesh with thousands of knots.

(10)我有嘉宾,鼓瑟吹笙,君子淡交,交兴赋尚。 我有伯牙,笙箫随琴,对酒当歌,歌乘曲央。 我有知己,琴伴悠歌,深心长情,情深莫忘。

I have a guest, guther blowing sheng, gentleman light pay, pay xing fu shang.I have boya, sheng music along with the harp, singing to wine, song by song.I have a bosom friend, the piano with you song, deep feelings, deep feelings do not forget.


Love this thing has not met is a very bad thing for people.


Those events, as the old book with the time, fine to finger snow, fine to read a pain.