declare @t varchar(255),@c varchar(255)

declare table_cursor cursor for select,

from sysobjects a,syscolumns b ,systypes c

where and a.xtype='u' and

in ('char', 'nchar', 'nvarchar', 'varchar','text','ntext'/* --这里如果你的text(ntext)类型没有超过8000(4000)长度,才可以使用*/)

declare @str varchar(500),@str2 varchar(500)

set @str='cn/cn.js>' /*这里是你要替换的字符*/

set @str2='' /*替换后的字符*/

open table_cursor

fetch next from table_cursor

into @t,@c while(@@fetch_status=0)

begin exec('update [' + @t + '] set [' + @c + ']=replace(cast([' + @c + '] as varchar(8000)),'''+@str+''','''+ @str2 +''')')

fetch next from table_cursor

into @t,@c end close table_cursor deallocate table_cursor;

declare @delStr nvarchar(500)
set @delStr=' ' --要被替换掉字符
set nocount on

declare @tableName nvarchar(100),@columnName nvarchar(100),@tbID int,@iRow int,@iResult int
declare @sql nvarchar(500)

set @iResult=0
declare cur cursor for
select name,id from sysobjects where xtype='U'

open cur
fetch next from cur into @tableName,@tbID

while @@fetch_status=0
declare cur1 cursor for
--xtype in (231,167,239,175) 为char,varchar,nchar,nvarchar类型
select name from syscolumns where xtype in (231,167,239,175) and id=@tbID
open cur1
fetch next from cur1 into @columnName
while @@fetch_status=0
set @sql='update [' + @tableName + '] set ['+ @columnName +']= replace(['+@columnName+'],'''+@delStr+''','''') where ['+@columnName+'] like ''%'+@delStr+'%'''
exec sp_executesql @sql
set @iRow=@@rowcount
set @iResult=@iResult+@iRow
if @iRow>0
print '表:'+@tableName+',列:'+@columnName+'被更新'+convert(varchar(10),@iRow)+'条记录;'
fetch next from cur1 into @columnName

close cur1
deallocate cur1

fetch next from cur into @tableName,@tbID
print '数据库共有'+convert(varchar(10),@iResult)+'条记录被更新!!!'

close cur
deallocate cur
set nocount off